Meet the Newest NIRD

Hi – I’m Bethany Rentz and I just started working at NIRD on Monday. I’m very excited to join the team – and to start working on client projects! Coming from a large software company – I’m not sure what to expect working at a small office – but so far everyone is a lot of fun and very enthusiastic. BTW – we are having an office warming party next week – which I’m sure is also a welcome party for me – so everyone can check out the new digs: HQ Warming.

There is a lot of cool stuff going on here – I got an overview of current projects and what I could work on. There are a couple of projects I will be working on – and will start getting up to speed on all the NIRD tools.

In the afternoon – we went out for Frozen Custard – a NIRD tradition – and I learned about the company values – most importantly our focus on the customer and our strong collaboration culture! Then it was time for me to update the NIRD website with my bio – I made the changes and deployed the code to production.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be focused on getting up to speed on existing projects and starting to do some development. Hopefully in a future blog post I’ll share something more technical.