Ruby on Rails Bootcamp in Seattle

NIRD is super excited to announce the public launch of our Ruby on Rails Bootcamp classes in Seattle, WA! We’ve been teaching corporate clients around the world for years, but this is our first chance to share the awesomeness that is Ruby on Rails with our Seattle community.

We’re launching our first class at the end of February with a 5 Day Ruby on Rails Bootcamp designed for students with some programming experience who are interested in learning Ruby on Rails or leveling up their web development skills. Registration is already open, and you can find out more at

Most bootcamps require a serious time commitment (like, quit your job, move your family across the country, and say goodbye to your social life for the next 6 months). Here at NIRD, we think that’s kind of crazy. Ruby on Rails is one of the easiest languages to learn, and we firmly believe that everyone can do it. NIRD bootcamps are designed to be short—the longest is four weeks, and most are one week or less. Students can attend via web conference, and homework is submitted electronically. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to build and maintain your own Ruby on Rails web apps.

We offer intro courses to Ruby on Rails for students who are considering switching careers, as well as professional development classes for experienced developers who are interested in learning Ruby on Rails or want to accelerate their careers by enhancing their current skill levels.

All of the classes will be taught at the NIRD office in Seattle by experienced instructors who have taught at the University of Washington, CodeFellows, and Ada Developers Academy. Our instructors are some of the best in the business, with a passion for communicating the beauty and versatility of Ruby on Rails. They draw examples directly from their work as professional developers, ensuring that the knowledge students gain is relevant today.

NIRD Ruby on Rails Bootcamp February 24-28, 2013. Seattle, WA